I’ve been thinking about gratitude and all that I am grateful for in my life.


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Recently, I bought new underwear. As I was putting my new undies in my drawer,
I decided to look through my drawer to throw out the “old” undies.
I thought to myself, “These undies that I see as trash would be an amazing blessing to
people who don’t even have food or shelter.”
Looking at some posts on FB, I’ve been impacted by how much so many of us have
—family, love, homes, cars, clothes, energy, food—


And there are many here in the US and in other countries that cannot even begin to fathom our abundance.
I believe it’s so important to be aware and express gratitude for who we are,
what we have in our lives and be conscious of ways to share our blessings with others.
Sharing blessings can be as simple as smiling, lending a hand, giving a dollar, being kind–
the list is endless as to how each of us can share ourselves with others.
At the end of the day, I believe we all want the same things—
To know that we matter, that we are loved, and that we have a purpose in life!

I am so grateful for all that I am and all that I am being in this present moment.

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Do you overcommit? I think we all do at times. What does it mean to overcommit?

For me I’ve become aware of a tendency to take on many projects at one time.

I’m often left feeling overworked, under-appreciated and stressed to the max!

I once thought this tendency was a character trait I possessed and
I wore it like a badge of honor.
I truly believed it was “in my DNA” to overcommit.

I discovered it’s NOT in my DNA!

It’s a belief system and belief systems can be changed.

I learned the tendency to overcommit at a young age.
Even more important than learning & practicing this behavior,
is the belief system I adopted, or what I made overcommitting mean.

To me, if I said yes, I believed people would like me.
I never thought about whether I would be able to accomplish the task.
I knew I had to find a way.

This behavior helped me learn to be organized and resourceful.
And it also led me to design my life according to should’s.

Who/what should I be, do have rather than who/what do I choose to be, do, have.

What I discovered is that I’m the one who has control over what I think, say and do.

What about you?

What’s really the underlying thread that allows anyone to consistently overcommit?
I challenge you to take one action step TODAY that will create awareness around why you overcommit.
Do yourself a favor and put pen to paper and answer these 3 questions.

What is the price I pay when I overcommit?

What is the benefits I receive when I overcommit?

What does it look like to STOP and BE?

When you complete these questions, I recommend sharing your answers with a support person.
This can be a coach, mentor, or friend who will partner alongside you as you create the next action step choices in your one amazing life journey!

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
― Mahatma Gandhi


What is fear?
I’ve heard it said that FEAR is



 It can also mean


other side of fear


Fear is actually a basic human emotion that can be healthy or harmful.
It is a survival instinct that helps us respond appropriately when we sense danger or feel unsafe.
Fear can be harmful with excessive thinking and dwelling on the “what if’s”.
This “what if” situation can take one down a rabbit hole of anxiety and irrational thoughts which creates an inability to focus or think clearly.

 FDR said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

 I believe he was talking about this destructive side of fear.

As a human being, I certainly feel fear.
The top 3 things people fear most are public speaking, death and spiders,

 Most people fear public speaking more than death. Interesting…  Why is that?  I believe we have that fear because we are human.
We all want to be loved and know that we matter.
When we stand up in public and speak, we are putting ourselves on display for judgment and scrutiny.
If your internal motivation is to be liked and loved, then allowing yourself to be vulnerable can be AMAZINGLY FRIGHTENING!


So now that we know a little about what fear is, what do we do about it?’
Most of our fears are in our head and I believe that thoughts become things.
What we think about and focus on is what we bring about and create.

So here are a couple tips that I use to move past my fears.

  1. Play a different type of what if game.  

Instead of thinking about all the “horrible, negative” things that might happen, play the “what if” something wonderful happens.
So instead of me saying, “what if people read my blog and think I’m weird”,
I reframe the thought to “what if people read my blog, love it and think I have a lot to offer as a coach”.
Do you see the difference?

 Visualize the other side.  

This involves taking a few minutes to actually picture your desired outcome on the other side of the fear.
Usually, I fear getting on an escalator as I keep seeing myself “fall”.
I change my thoughts to “seeing” myself step on the escalator, ride to the top and “feel” successful and accomplished.

Focus on the opposite of what I’m scared will happen.

I’m scared that if I put myself out there, people may not like me.  Instead of focusing on this option,
I choose to focus on the possibility that I may meet someone who becomes a great friend.

It’s all good to talk about tips to help you move past your fears and it’s another thing to actually get into action and make the move!
Most of us require support to get and stay on track. What I’ve found to be helpful is having an accountability partner.
You can seek support from a coach, mentor, or friend who will partner alongside
you as you make the next action step choices in your
one amazing life journey!


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