Choosing to be grateful and thankful for everything I am and have in my life guides me out of being stuck.

I started writing in a gratitude journal about 2 years ago and it’s made all the difference in my life. Gratitude is taking the time to notice what makes up this abundant life I’m living–breath, another day on this earth, talking with one of my kids or grandkids, connecting with a friend, loving my job, being given the opportunity to connect with you through this blog today and if I’m in a place of “stuckness” or feeling like things aren’t going as I want them to, I focus on being grateful for my story.

We all have a story.

What makes up our story are experiences and events of our lives. What makes up each of our stories is the actual fact of an event and then what we make the experience of the event mean. This is called our beliefs or perceptions. Most of our deeply held beliefs and perceptions of the world are in place by the time we’re 8 years old. About 50% are in place by the time we’re around 4 years old, 80% are in place by the time we’re 8, 95% by the time we’re 21 and only 5% of our deeply held beliefs are developed as adults.

Back to being grateful for my story.

There have been times and situations in my life where I wasn’t grateful in the moment. I’ve come to realize that every experience in my life makes up who I am being in this moment and guides me to be my best today. Then I am able to look at EVERY experience in my life with gratitude.


I believe it’s important to connect when we’re feeling down; especially important to connect with others who lift us up. We all know plenty of people who are eager to join our pity parties and get on the woe is me bandwagon. What I’m talking about is having a few people in your life that you trust are able to see you in your story, be willing to be honest with you and support you in getting out of your story.

Creating & attracting your own tribe is powerful!


I also believe in connecting with nature.

Getting outside, planting my feet in the grass, watching the trees blow, listening to the birds singing, sitting at the beach watching & listening to the waves–you get the picture. I find being connected to nature helps me ground and center.


Often when I’m in stuck in my stuff, I’m in overwhelm. There are times when I’ve overcommitted in my life. I know when I overcommit with so many “things to do” I can get stuck and not want to do anything. I can become paralyzed with inactivity. What helps me is to take an action step, one action step.

I find taking even one small action step to move me forward supports me in getting unstuck. It can be to make a phone call, answer an email, or even take 5 minutes to meditate or visualize. There is immense power in meditation and visualization. And the great thing is that both of these experiences don’t take long and don’t have to look a certain way. Meditation as defined by Deepak Chopra is a tuning in, getting in touch with it all, finding the peace within, a way to get in the space between your thoughts.

Visualization is a technique of using our imagination to create what we want in our lives.

Now that you’ve been given these 3 tips to get unstuck, what is your next action step?

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