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How Women Leaders Can Find More Balance (without adding more to their plate)

Check out Kathy's Interview on the She's in Business LIVE with Kate Schnetzer

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Kathy Mela brought her wealth of experience and insight to the “She’s in Business LIVE” show, hosted by Kate Underwood Schnetzer. Drawing from a storied 45-year career in healthcare, Kathy, once instrumental in newborn resuscitation, now revitalizes the aspirations of women leaders through her unique philosophy of PPV: Passion, Power, & Vision.

Kathy’s conversation with Kate revolved around empowering women who are accustomed to putting others first to reclaim their dreams and achieve a harmonious balance in their lives. She advocates for a life where professional fulfillment and personal well-being coexist, emphasizing that one can attain equilibrium without overextending themselves. Her mission is clear: to empower women to recognize their intrinsic value and to embrace the endless possibilities within them.

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