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How to Create a Legacy for Future Generations

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Recently on the ‘Bridging the Gap’ podcast, hosted by Wendi Blum Weiss and Caroline Blumberg, Kathy shared her story with a kind of honesty that hits close to home. She’s just shy of 70 and full of insight, talking about how she transitioned from the non-stop world of ICU nursing to a life that’s more about reflection and finding purpose after hanging up her scrubs. Kathy’s chat about the ups and downs of her 60s reminds us that no matter what stage of life we’re in, we’re all looking for something that really resonates with us.

She leaves the audience with a powerful message to play ‘full out’ in every stage of life. Kathy advocates for inner work, self-compassion, and a pursuit of purpose that transcends career and life roles. Her appearance on the podcast is a testament to her dynamic spirit and her dedication to helping others recognize their value and potential. Through her story, Kathy inspires all of us to live with intention, grace, and joy, making every moment count.

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