my programs

Create Momentum Group Program

This is a place to start for those who desire to be in relationship with people facing similar challenges.
With group coaching you benefit from peer learning & support along with collective wisdom and sharing.
You will discover simple, easy, fun ways to conquer everyday challenges.

Groups consist of a minimum of 5 individuals and a maximum of 15.
Each group meets weekly for 6 weeks for a 60-90 minute call via phone or web.
In person groups are also available if preferred.

Extended practice is required with weekly group feedback via email.

Choose & Move Individual Program

If you desire a personalized, focused approach then Choose & Move is for you.

You can expect to have a greater awareness of your story, beliefs & perceptions,
understand what’s holding you back
from playing full out in your life and create your strategy to WIN!

Other benefits are improved life balance, joy, productivity and energy.

Choose & Move is a 60 day program with 8 personal connections via web, phone or in person.
You also receive weekly email feedback on your required extended practice
as well as 4 media connections (video/audio/pdf)

Breakthrough VIP Day

When you decide to create a large amount of change in a short amount of time,
Breakthrough VIP Day is for you.

This 5 hour program is designed for those individuals who want to create a sense of urgency and momentum in their One Amazing Life strategy plan.

You will gain self-confidence & personal satisfaction as you design a new direction for your life.