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Kathy's Recommended Reading

by: David Cameron Gikandi
Endorsed by Kathy Mela, ‘A Happy Pocket Full of Money’ offers a profound take on wealth, focusing on gratitude and joy, to guide you towards a truly abundant life.
by: Don Miguel Ruiz
Endorsed by Kathy Mela, ‘The Four Agreements’ by Don Miguel Ruiz offers a potent code of conduct rooted in Toltec wisdom, transforming lives with freedom and happiness.
by: Sharon L. Lechter CPA, Dr. Greg Reid, and Napoleon Hill
Endorsed by Kathy Mela, “Three Feet from Gold” revives Napoleon Hill’s principles. It’s an allegory of persistence and belief, guiding readers to turn challenges into triumphs and never give up on their journey.
by: Wendi Blum Weiss (Author), Patricia Wooster (Author)
Kathy Mela endorses ‘Becoming You,’ a guide for personal reinvention and self-discovery, offering real-life stories and neuroscience-based techniques for transformative growth.
by: Napoleon Hill
Kathy Mela recommends ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ a seminal work in success literature, updated to guide modern achievers in unlocking their potential and attaining unparalleled success.