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Guiding You to Create a Legacy of Impact and Fulfillment

Transform Your Third Season into Your Best Yet

Transformative Journeys Designed for Women Leaders Over 50

As a dedicated guide for women leaders in their third season, I offer a range of services tailored to help you rediscover your purpose and create a meaningful legacy.

Each offering is crafted to guide you towards clarity, confidence, and courage in this pivotal season of your life.

Turn Dreams Into Reality

Dream Into
Action Series

Designed to help you clarify your dreams, set achievable goals, and develop a concrete plan to turn those dreams into reality.

You’ll learn to navigate the complexities of this life stage with confidence, taking decisive steps towards living your best life.

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Life Legacy

Join a group of like-minded women for a transformative mastermind experience, focusing on building a meaningful life legacy.

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Legacy Partnership

Personalized, one-on-one coaching focused on your specific needs and goals.

Design Your Life Legacy (2-Day Virtual Event)

Experience, Embrace, Embody

Join Kathy Mela for this heart centered co-creation experience to jumpstart your self-discovery journey and legacy creation.  

What People Say

Hear from the women who have journeyed with Kathy to reclaim their dreams and step into their power. Their experiences are a testament to the life-changing impact of embracing your legacy at any stage of life.

Pia Ixchel
Mindset Reset Coach

“After working with Kathy I am now a woman that knows my purpose I say NO unapologetically I trust myself to make decisions I am no longer afraid of the unknown!!!”

Karen Moser
K.D.Alden, Author

“Kathy showed me that flying FULLY in the face of fear is the MOST powerful thing you can do.”

Sue Robin-Rosenstock

Susan Robin-Rosenstock

“Coaching with Kathy helped me realize how to practice self-care, learn to be good to myself & gave me tools to handle my anxiety, forgive myself & celebrate wins. I now know how to make myself happier.”