Testimonials to Kathy’s co-coaching style:

“Kathy is dedicated, diligent, and thorough with all that she does. Her leadership comes from a place of lifting others to their highest potential and holding her peers both accountable and responsible. She has the great ability to acknowledge others regardless of where they are and yet steer them into a place of power and movement. Watching her many gifts unfold over the past few years has been truly awesome. And among them, watching her perfect her gift of listening, coaching and enrolling others to see and experience where they are stuck in old patterns and to then help them create a new and transformed way of being, thinking and living. It is so rare that I see people like Kathy, who are dedicated to bettering her life such that it wakes others up to live consciously, loving, and purposeful, to then go on to creating a life that they love.”

Dr. Tanda Cook, MD
Bozeman, MT



“Kathy connects with others in a way that facilitates their growth while respecting their process.

She expresses herself articulately and her general warm nature is a comfort to be around.

Her cofacilitation and feedback in workshops at Harmony House Yoga reinforces her willingness to be a supportive and collaborative business partner. She is a loving friend and guide and will surely continue to help many in years to come.”

Darlene Mars
Harmony House Yoga
Cooper City, FL 33328

“Kathy has shown tremendous personal and professional growth. She has become a very successful leader and is easily approachable and takes time to listen. I feel that Kathy’s leadership experience, ability to evaluate all sides of a problem and caring manner make her an excellent coach.

Heidi Handman DO, FAAP, FACOP
Medical Director, Miramar, FL